How do I vote?

Voting is quick and easy. When browsing the various categories for your city, vote up or down for a business by clicking the plus [+] or minus [-] button. You are limited to 1 vote per business, either positive or negative. Here's the actual voting badge for Magic Plumbing in the San Francisco Plumbers category:

If your favorite business isn't listed, you can add them yourself. Anyone is eligible to vote whether you have a BizVotes account or not. (Registering with BizVotes entitles you to these additional site features.)

See the voting rules below for more information.


What are the voting rules and how does the voting process work?

To preserve the integrity of our voting process, we take great measures to ensure votes are not bought, gamed, rigged, etc. Our mission is to provide a fair and accurate platform to allow consumers a powerful voice in their local marketplaces. BizVotes will always remain unbiased and will never accept payments from a business for additional votes.

A business cannot receive more than 1 negative vote in a 24 hour period. This is to prevent smear campaigns and other unscrupulous acts. Positive votes are unlimited for a business, but are restricted to 1 vote per person.

The voting process at BizVotes is perpetual, meaning vote counts are never reset.


What are the advantages of registering with BizVotes?

Registering for a free account with BizVotes entitles you to these additional site features:

• Vote Manager feature, allowing you to track, edit, and delete your votes at BizVotes.
• The ability for multiple users to place votes from the same IP address.
• The ability to make comments.
• The ability to mark and delete comments as spam.
• The ability to track any business in our directory.
• The ability to add businesses to our directory.
• The ability to edit any business in our directory.


What are the best ways to attract votes for my business?

Being ranked #1 at BizVotes for your city's particular niche will boost your business with increased traffic and built-in trust in your services. You'll also have bragging rights that can be used in your promotional material and other creative ways. Getting there will take some campaigning.

Start off by using the "Share on Facebook" button next to your business contact information. The button looks like this:

Share on Facebook!

Encourage your family, friends and clients to place a vote and write a review. As your business moves up in the rankings, you will acquire more and more customers from BizVotes traffic and even from your competitor's traffic. These customers found you on BizVotes, so they are more apt to return and vote for your business.


How do I add a business?

As you browse over to the desired city and category, look for the 'Add a Biz' button at the top of the rankings. The button looks like this:

Before adding a business, please make sure it's not already listed. Not only will duplicate listings confuse voters, but the business's ranking will suffer as the duplicate listings rob votes from each other.

After adding, you can edit the business at any time. Click the 'edit' link in the 'Biz Details' section. You can also delete the business if necessary.

If the 'Add a Biz' function isn't working for you, make sure Javascript is enabled on your browser.


Can I edit any business or request that one be deleted?

Yes. You can submit edits for any business listed at BizVotes and even request that one be removed. Before any changes go live, all edits and deletes are moderated by admins.

To edit or delete a business, look for the 'edit' link in the 'Biz Details' section.


How do I suggest a new category?

If you would like to see a new category added to BizVotes, please submit it here. Make sure to include the parent directory like: 'Home & Garden > New Category'.


Where can I find the RSS Feeds?

Keep tabs on your favorite category by subscribing to our rss feeds. Just browse over to the desired city and category and look for the rss button at the bottom of the rankings. The button looks like this:


Click the rss button and add to your favorite reader. Alternately, your browser will also detect our rss feeds and should automatically offer a subscribe button in your toolbar.